Chemical Education Research at ACS Boston 2015

Drs. Jennifer Lewis and Scott Lewis presented work at the 250th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition (Boston, Massachusetts).

  • King, D., Lewis, J., Anderson, K., Latch, D., Suthemier, S., Webster, G., Middlecamp, C., & Moog, R. Choosing the best climate change models: Key features and future opportunities.
  • Lewis, J., & Xu, X. Using software to model a bifactor structure in order to capture an item writing pattern.
  • Li, Y., & Lewis, S. Using text mining to discover frequency and patterns of student study habits.

Dr. Jennifer Lewis was recognized as an American Chemical Society Fellow at a ceremony and reception held Monday, August 17th, at the Meeting.

Drs. Jennifer Lewis, Scott Lewis, and Jeffrey Raker participated in Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED) and ACS Exams activities. Dr. J. Lewis serves the DivCHED as the Chair of the Personnel and Nominations Committee. Dr. S. Lewis serves on the DivCHED Board of Publications and ACS Exams General Chemistry – Paired Questions Exam Committee. Dr. Raker is the Associate Director of ACS Exams and serves on the ACS Exams Organic Chemistry Exam.

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