Chemical Education Research at SERMACS 2015


(L to R: S. Villafañe-Garcia, L. Ye, J. Raker, S. Lewis, Y. Liu, X. Xu; photo credit: Feng Cheng)

Chemical Education Researchers from the University of South Florida presented work at the 71st Southwest Regional Meeting & 67th Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society held in Memphis, TN.

  • S. Villafañe-Garcia & J. E. Lewis. Science attitudes in an introductory chemistry course: Examining group differences and its relationship with achievement.
  • L. Ye, S. E. Lewis, & R. Oueini. Developing and implementing an assessment technique to measure linked concepts.
  • Y. Liu, B. Ferrell, J. Barbera, & J. E. Lewis. Academic motivation scale-chemistry: A theory-based instrument to investigate student motivation toward chemistry.
  • S. E. Lewis, L. Ye, R. Oueini, & A. P. Dickerson. Exploring the role of students’ study habits in general chemistry.
  • X. Xu, J. A. Loertscher, V. Minderhout Thorsell, & J. E. Lewis. Examining student conceptual understanding using automated lexical analysis of open-ended responses.
  • J. R. Raker, M. N. Stains, & E. Laga. Characterizing postsecondary chemistry instructional practices: A pilot test of survey items and a stratified sampling strategy.

Drs. Villafañe-Garcia and Raker also conducted ACS Examinations Institute workshops during the conference.

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